Our Clinics

St. Clare’s Kaplong Mission Hospital

ClinicDay & Time
Physician DayEvery Tuesday 8.00a.m-12.00p.m
Gynaecology DayEvery Monday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
E.N.T ClinicMonday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Saturday – 8.00a.m-3.00p.m
Occupational Therapy (Disability Clinic)Monday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Physiotherapy ClinicMonday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Dental ClinicMonday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Saturday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Eye ClinicMonday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
Saturday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
CCC/TB ClinicMonday-Friday 8.00a.m-5.00p.m
General MedicineDaily
Surgical Outpatient ClinicEvery Thursday 8.00a.m-3.00p.m
Paeditrician ClinicEvery Tuesday 8.00 a.m-5.00p.m

Your health, our priority

At St. Clare’s Kaplong Mission Hospital, our qualified practitioners are always ready to serve you. We have all the major diagnostic & treatment equipment here.

P.O. Box 4 ~ 20406,

Work Hours
Monday to Sunday: 24 Hours

Visiting Hours
Monday to Sunday: 1.00pm - 2.00pm
*Only one person allowed to visit.